Manuella Guiragossian

Born in Beirut in 1972 to famous Armenian modernist Paul Guiragossian, Manuella Guiragossian grew up surrounded by people with a passion for art and culture.

Afaf Zurayk

Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1948, Afaf Zurayk graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BA degree in Fine Arts in 1970, and later obtained an MFA from Harvard University in 1972. Inspired and guided by both music and poetry, Zurayk’s black ink drawings explores, in her words, ‘the fluctuating gradations of emotional experience’.

Hazem Harb

Born in Palestine in 1980, Hazem Harb is a visual artist who has
lived in Gaza, Rome and the UAE.

Mahmood Shubbar

Mahmood Shubbar was born in Babel in 1965. He received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Baghdad University in 1986 and later went on to receive his Ph.D. in Fine Arts.

Mahmoud Obaidi

Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1966, Mahmoud Obaidi is an IraqiCanadian globally exhibited Avant-garde artist who deals with any medium that would best represent his concept: painting, sculpture, photography, installation.

Tagreed Darghouth

Born in Saida in 1979, Tagreed Darghouth studied painting and sculpture at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Art.

Elie Bourgely

Elie Bourgely was born in 1960 and studied Fine Art and Art History in Beirut and Paris receiving his doctoral studies in Art History followed by a post-graduate diploma (DEA) in Art History (Paris IV University – Sorbonne, Paris – France).

Rim El Jundi

Born in Beirut in 1965, Rim El Jundi studied religious art at the University of the Holy Spirit in Kaslik and fine art at the Lebanese  American University, where she was awarded The Sheikh Zayed Graduation Award from the Lebanese American University in 1997.

Walid Ebeid

Walid Ebeid was born in 1970 in Cairo. He began to establish his form of realistic expressionism from the time he was six years old. The main theme of his paintings gives one the impression that there is always a mystic message behind the realistic visuals recreated with his own vision.

Sepideh Zamani

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1986, Sepideh Zamani completed her BFA in
Sculpture at the Art University of Tehran. She began her artistic
venture as a graphic designer, working in advertising companies.

Rached Bohsali

Rached Bohsali is a trained architect and painter whose work has been exhibited widely in his native Beirut, the Arab world, Europe and the United States.

Jean Marc Nahhas

Born in 1963 Beirut, Lebanon, Jean Marc Nahas is best known for his caricature figures and animalistic motifs that capture the psychological dimensions of war, civil conflict and political turmoil.